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Our goal is to bridge the gap between indoor karting and race karts as well as introduce new people into the sport of go kart racing. We are based out of Jacksonville, Florida. See our rental options below for driving a go kart in Jacksonville.

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The Karts

We race 2 brands of karts. The Comet Eagle kart and the Coyote Widetrack. Data gauges will give you feedback on your laps and sticky tires will give the added grip for high G corners. These race karts are competitive and have won many races.


The Engines

We use the 206cc Briggs LO206 engine which is the most popular spec racing engine in North America right now. A very simple 4 stroke engine capable of over 60+ MPH at our 103rd Street Sports Complex go kart track in Jacksonville, and the experience feels even faster!


The Track

Our local track is  Jacksonville’s 103rd Street Sports Complex. A 0.6 mile long high speed outdoor sprint asphalt kart racing track with 8 different possible layout combinations. This is a wide open race track not like the indoor places. The turns are fast with cambered turns and long sweeping corners changes. There are 5 tracks with a 3 hour radius and we frequent those as well.

Go Kart Rental Options

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1.5 hours - $100

Race your heart out within a 2 hour window! Do as many laps as you like, you'll be worn out by the end of it! The most intense hot laps session you'll ever have with the fastest racing go karts on a full size outdoor race track, most indoor sessions are only 6.5 minutes for $20. Indoor lap times 27 seconds, our laps 42 seconds so longer laps and you're going twice as fast around the corners!

4 hours - $200

4 hour ultimate race kart experience. We'll walk the track with you and show you proper driving lines, brake points, and throughout the day analyze and improve your lap times between each session. This is a more personal one on one racing experience. Great for someone who wants to improve their skills or just have a great day of fun. Tons and tons of laps! Perfect for the racing nut!!

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