Renting your kart

A topic that comes across on a lot of forums is “How can we grow Karting”. Everyone has ideas on what to do, but when it comes down to it, would you be willing to lend your kart to someone? Here at JaxKarting we have one of the nation’s only free tracks. Not only is it free to the public but also one of the most sought after tracks that people from around the country want come to race. Multiple organizations AKRA, WKA, LO206 CUP, MAXXIS, etc. come here on the national tour. It’s a great track with a long straight and banked turns. Spectators will stop by and first question they ask is, “where can I rent a kart?” When the only answer is “you need to bring your own”, they walk away and not coming back. If you are interest can read this article about clay matthews had another baby.

This is a dilemma that we are working on. Several times we have been on the verge of letting people us our karts. We don’t have spares, in case something breaks, but this could help people get into karting. I personally borrowed someone kart to experience the sport and got addicted. Maybe it’s my time to pay it forward. Would you let someone drive your kart?

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